About Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is an alternative method of injection treatment designed to stimulate healing. Irritant solutions are injected into the ligaments, tendons and joints to encourage repairs of damaged tissue. Prolotherapy can solve the underlying problems of chronic back pains as well as shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee ankle and foot joint lesion and this way can prevent arthrosis. It is an alternative treatment to Cortison shots commonly used by doctors especially on shoulder and elbow lesions.

Prolotherapy fights the primary cause of the problem: the instability of the joint. It will heal when Cortison is no longer effective. 3-5 injections are typical at 1-2 week intervals.

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For an accurate treatment of shoulder and arm lesions with Prolotherapy we need a competent clinical examination, which will lead us to an accurate diagnosis. The problem is that especially the shoulder tests often lead to diagnostic errors, even if the basic Cyriax examinations are done exactly.
Mixed signs, which are so irritating to the cyriax purists can be cleared only by a test injection with a local anaesthetic, because x-rays and MRI studies will not help.  





Tennis and golfers elbow mostly depends on instability of the elbow joint (often combined with wrist problems). It can be cured by Prolotherapy.



Instability of the wrist or thumb can be treated by Prolotherapy.

Chronic Low Back Pain

The instability of the thoracic and the lumbar spines and their facet joints often shows pain when relaxing which will be better after moving. This is the main area for the use of the prolotherapy and mostly done with 3 to five treatments.For our Low Back Pain Patients we use the diagnostic and treatment tools which are demonstrated below in those youtube videos from Nabil A. Ebraheim M.D.and Dr.Adelson M.D.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction - Animation by Nabil A.Ebraheim M.D.

Professor &Chairman,Department of Orthopedic Surgery,University of Toledo Medical Center


Hip and Knee

Hip and knee problems combined with capsular and ligament laxations can be treated with Prolotherapy. Usually the diagnosis has to be secured by a test injection 




Laxation of the ankle and foot ligaments can be treated with Prolotherapy. The anterior talofibular ligament is much the most frequently strained when you have a tendency to twist your ankle. It can be treated successfully with Prolotherapy.

We do not use PRP or stemcells in our Prolotherapy,as proliferant we only take  15% Glucose mixed with Lidocain 1% as local anaesthetic.